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Notifications 2061

Notifications 2061: Performance

Notifications 206: Performance is a short performance piece in which a human told through a series of calendar notifications from the point of view of a museum employee tasked with archiving digital work in the year 2061.

While working on this project, I became very obsessed with the notion that any work  of a museum archivist would be a very mundane and overwhelming job. There is a sort of thing that happens when people think about the future that is presumptuous to the point of being offensive in its’ laziness.

There is a mundanity to existence that does not go away no matter the situations; the lives of most people today are concerned with the same things they were before. The most mundane part of my existence is far and away this thing that runs my life:

This is a typical week, and maybe even a little on the light side as it didn't reflect all the reminders I had. I live in calendar notifications that helps create works of technology used by millions of people around the world in big and small ways. But — from the outset, it is mundane and banal.

The content of the piece was less important than the form. I wanted it to feel like the sort of physical push one gets daily in the form of sounds and vibrations that require you to contextually and physically re-orient yourself in the space you are currently occupying.

Even though it was performed as part of a public reading, I think it is more interesting as a series of looping notifications that never ended — you would sit there and wonder what came next in this person's life that was both from the future but also so intimately familiar as a notification.